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At  THE EYE DOCTOR’S CLINIC , we use Oertli  CataRhex 3  SYSTEM for phacoemulsification surgery,  the World’s Most Advanced Technology of Cataract Surgery by Oertli is approved by FDA. The cutting edge technology HEXADISQ® Phaco Hand piece, has set the benchmark since 2002. The handpiece is equipped with 6 piezo-crystals and is ideal for easyPhaco®Technology and MICS.


Through this ultra-small incision, a very high frequency MICS Phaco tip is introduced inside the eye, breaking hardest of hardest Cataract into very small fragments which are then sucked out through same tip in a much computerized controlled manner. Once cataract is removed, Cataract Surgeon puts Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) of patient’s choice inside the eye.


We have more than three decades of handling variety of Cataract cases & given smiles to thousands of patients who have chosen us Cataract Surgery.

Type of Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL) for Cataract Surgery
 Hydrophilic Foldable IOL
 Hydrophobic Foldable IOL
 Aspheric Foldable IOL
 Toric Foldable IOL
 MICS Foldable IOL
 Multi-Focal Foldable IOL

We have also have a  joint collaboration with My I Clinic, London, united kingdom  for our surgical services.

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